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The Brand Smart Network brings together carefully chosen brand experts with proven experience in collaborating across different aspects of global and local brand creation, specification, design, implementation and support.


Tried and tested branding experts, experienced in collaboration, not under the umbrella of a single organisation but capable of working as a dynamic team at any time. Think of Brand Smart Network as a portal to a pool of experts – the gateway to a hand-picked team.

Now imagine… you select the extent of the team, or individual members to suit your needs. Every Brand Smart Network member shares the same values and gets that buzz from delivering excellence in service to a wide range of clients.

We recognise the power of our individual strengths, and we know when to pass the baton to a more specialised team member for their expertise. This means that each member’s time and effort is dedicated to what they do best. And overlapping of some expertise means that we can collaborate to deliver larger projects to tighter timescales.

Where Brand Smart Network members work as a team, we will agree a lead expert to carry out a project management role for you. So you get to ‘plug-in’ the experts that will work as a team for you throughout the project or assignment without the complication of multiple contracts and invoicing.


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  • What does Brand Smart Network provide?

    • A portal for an extensive range of services, carried out by real experts
    • Network members, based across different time zones
    • Experts who relish the challenges and genuinely enjoy working together
    • Ability to choose who to work with and build the ideal team
    • Integrity, transparency and honesty in our relationships
    • Reduced overheads, reduced costs
    • Responsive and customer-focused – able to react at short notice
    • Ability to work outside of ‘normal office hours’
    • Tailored options on project management
    • Convenient online meetings, conferencing, file sharing, training and demos
  • How do our experts collaborate together?

    Because we are connected really well with each other, we link up and collaborate brilliantly together. We work across different regions and time zones to deliver excellence for our clients, allowing significant cost savings. And we all work to the same shared values, commitment to service, and confidentiality within our network. You can choose to be invoiced separately or cut the paperwork and have it managed through the lead expert.

    We’ve actually been collaborating together for years… just on a smaller scale. By developing this network, and keeping it expert, we know we can really make a difference – and, most importantly, everyone in the network gets a real buzz and sense of accomplishment from sharing their expertise and delivering excellence.

    Technology has given us an opportunity to come together from different locations, avoiding travel problems and ‘down time’ on projects, and streamlining costs. Yes, of course, we’ll still do face-to-face, we’re real people too.


  • Does this conflict with what we do?

    “I’m already using a team of suppliers that I’m happy continuing to use. Can I pick just one of the experts from Brand Smart Network to add to my own team?”

    Absolutely… we’re all individual resources in our own right and are used to working with agencies, directly with corporate/retail clients, and a variety suppliers.

    “How does Brand Smart Network work with agencies? What about conflict of interest… how can we be reassured?”

    Brand Smart Network is not an agency – it is a portal to a pool of experts. Brand Smart Network members bring an expert range of skills within reach. We share the same transparency, values and agreements with agencies which protect the relationship and reputation of both for the longer term. When we work on behalf of agencies, we represent them professionally as a valued external resource and never seek to develop relationships directly with their clients.

    We’re not about to ‘bite the hand that feeds us’. Where an agency refers a client to work directly with a Brand Smart Network member, future requests are referred back to the agency, and subject to our working agreement with them.

    A number of Brand Smart Network members are already highly-valued external resources for leading agencies. Equally, they’ve also come directly from the agency background and understand the importance of that working relationship and its expectations. Integrity is key at all times.


  • Want to know more?

    If you’d like to find out how Brand Smart Network could work for you, we’re always happy to chat through at your convenience.

    Email us on

    Telephone us on 0203 904 7709



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